Dolphins are the symbol of freediving, and there isn’t a single freediver on earth who doesn’t dream of freediving with dolphins. This doesnt have to be a dream anymore, as dolphins are abundant around Zanzibar, especially in the south of the island, where there are big pods of dolphins permanently living there. These dolphins are quite frendly and can get very interested and playful towards freedivers, and letting them very close.

We arrange 1 day trips to Kizimkazi, leaving by car early in the morning, reaching Kizimkazi where we put our suits on and jump on the boat for the ride to find one of the pods.


Although finding whales it is not as easy as fdning dolphins, from august to october sperm and humpback whales are passing in large numbers in the channel between mainland and Zanzibar, therefore swimming in front of our freediving center in Nungwi. Sightings are very common, and it is possible to arrange boat trips to try find them and swim with them if they allow us.


Mnemba Island is a popular snorkeling and scuba diving site, with a variety of lively corals and some very unique species of fish such as , as well as occasional sightings of larger species such as turtles and dolphins.
You can often see turtles, and in the blue the are larger fish passing, large pelagic and reef sharks. Visibility is best in January but the lace is diveable all year round.

Extreme Blue Water Freediving Zanzibar