Freediving in Zanzibar

About Us

Extreme Blue water Freediving is born by the cooperation of Freedive International and Extreme Blue Water Spearfishing, the leading spearfishing company specialized in ethical spearfishing charters, based in Zanzibar but operating also in Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya. Freedive International teaches freediving since 2003 and certified thousands of freedivers and freediving instructors.


Together we run a freediving-spearfshing center which is located right on the beach and we have 2 boats available to reach all the freediving spots. We can reach 25 meters depth just 300 meters from shore, and at a 10-15 minutes drive we get up to 100 meters depth. Freediving in Zanzibar can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you are into marine life and recreational freediving: Zanzibar’s waters are full of dolphins, and we can see swimming pods almost every time we take out our boat. We arrange dolphin trips to the south of the island, where seeing dolphins is practically guaranteed any given day as they are more tamed and usually they don’t swim away when we jump in the water.

Our Instructor

Heiko is our experienced freediving instructor teaching freediving courses from beginner to level 3. Heiko started to freedive during his travels throughout Latin America, diving in different locations around the Carribiean before deciding to become a Freediving instructor in 2016. Since then Heiko has been teaching Freediving in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and now here with us on Zanzibar. He has been part of the safety team for the AIDA depth world championships in Roatan and his passion is to facilitating Freediving as a sport. He sees himself more as a coach than a teacher in the water, coaching each student to their individual needs and progress. As a certified Yoga trainer he will guide you through comprehensive stretching sessions and mental preparation for Freediving. Heiko is teaching Freediving courses in English and German. He is now running our freediving center in Zanzibar and you can be sure you will be well taken care of by him!Continuously learning he is interested in understanding the ocean with its currents and marine life. In regard of conservation Heiko regularly organizes beach clean-ups. He loves to be in the water and he enjoys the deep blue sea as much as freediving along beautiful reefs. Besides that he enjoys a good and challenging spearfishing session along the reef or in deep waters.

freediving instructor

Zanzibar is an island situated in the Indian Ocean and it’s adjacent to Tanzania, on the east coast of Africa. The island is about 85 kilometres long and 39 kilometres wide and it is separated from the Tanzanian mainland by a channel, which at its narrowest point is 36.5 km. Zanzibar is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, which are rich in marine biodiversity. The capital is Zanzibar City where the airport is, and its historic centre, Stone Town, is a World Heritage Site and a great day to spend a day sightseeing and buying handicrafts in the lovely bazaars scattered all over Stone Town. Zanzibar’s main industries are spices, raffia, and tourism. In particular, the island produce cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper. For this reason, together with Tanzania’s Mafia Island, they are sometimes called the Spice Islands.