Breathing & Relaxation Class – Breathing for Freediving

Believe it or not the secret of freediving lies in the way we breathe and how we use our breathing to relax body and mind. This helps us achieve better mind control, which is undoubtedly a key factor in any sport, and can help you greatly also in everyday life, especially for who is dealing daily with high levels of stress.This is why there are more and more people signing up for yoga, meditation, and relaxation classes. Controlled and proper breathing is what we do as freedivers, and that is why we can teach you its basis in a 60/90 minute practice session.

This is a “dry” class, so there is no water practice. After a short explanation of the human respiratory system we will find a quiet and comfortable place where you will lay on a mat with your eyes closed while the instructor is gently guiding you on how to breathe with your belly and how to take a proper full breath. Then we will teach you how to use this kind of breathing to achieve mental and physical relaxation, and we will complete the session by trying some gentle breath-holding exercises.

Duration: 1.5 hour
Price: 45 USD