Freediving SSI level 1 is the first step to learn safe freediving and the basic techniques of breath-holding, relaxation, correct breathing, streamlining, proper finning and body position. This is done in only 2 days and the aim is to get you to freedive comfortably to 10-20 m of depth. And no, this is not crazy! It is actually a safe and conservative estimate:)

The course includes:

  • 2 theory sessions
  • 2 dynamic apnea sessions
  • 2 open water sessions

PRICE: 260 EURO. If you are alone add 40 euro. The price includes all equipment, SSI certification card, use of the manual and boat transport


DAY 1: We usually start in the morning around 9am with a 1 hour breathing and relaxation class followed by a dry breath hold. We will follow with the first confined water session lasting about 60-90 minutes, then have a lunch break before some theory and then follow with the fist open water session.
DAY 2: We start with more theory followed by another confined water session. After the lunch break we have our final open water session, followed by final exam, wrap-up, and celebration photo for our Facebook Page:)
Note: Depending on changing tides in different season and also on weather conditions we might need to change the program and schedule the confined water and open water sessions at different times to ensure the best possible conditions for our students.