Freediving SSI level 3 is a very advanced course recommended for who is already freediving to 30+ meters and has trouble equalizing past this depth. In this course you will learn the “Mouthfill” technique and exhale diving which are the keys for deep freediving. We also teach you how to coach your buddy during static apnea training and how to plan training sessions efficiently. We will cover mental aspects of freediving and practice more advanced lung stretching techniques.

The course includes:
  • 4 theory sessions
  • 5 open water sessions
  • 1 static and 1 dynamic session
  • Daily stretching sessions
  • Video review on 1 open water session
Price:  525 Euro for single student. If there is at least one more student in the same course you will get a 60 euro price reduction (465 euro instead of 525)! The price includes all equipment, SSI digital manual and digital certification card, and boat transport.
level 3-course


4 Days – 8:30am to about 5:00pm


We will plan the detailed schedule of this course together with you, as we personalize this course for your best progress. The base schedule for the SSI Freediving Level 3 course would be as following:

DAY 1 We start at 8:30am with a review from your previous courses and plan the schedule together. Beginning with a stretching session, we then continue with a dynamic session to increase your distance and work on well as revising safety procedures. After the lunch break we will introduce mouthfill equalization and exhale dives that we will start practicing in the first open water session.

DAY 2 In the morning we will begin with some advanced stretching routines for depth freediving and then continue with a static session, in which we aim to maximise your breath hold time and practice coaching other freedivers. In the afternoon we will continue with an open water session to include exhale dives into your warm up routine and progressively increase the depth you can take you mouthfill down to.

DAY 3 On this day, beginning with a stretching session we will go for two open water sessions starting to dive deeper and personalize your training routine. We will also focus on mental aspects for freediving as well as nutrition and complementary training for freediving and revising safety and rescue for depth freediving. To refine your technique we will take videos of your dives that you will revise with your instructor.

DAY 4 On this last open water session we continue working individually depending on your progress and have fun enjoying your dives.


During this SSI Freediving Level 3 course we aim to comfortably dive 30-40m in depth. By learning and practicing mouthfill technique, exhale dives, as well as supporting aspects for freediving, you will have all the tools in hand to plan your training yourself for gradually and safely increasing the depth your are able to reach. To continue your training you are welcome to add extra freediving training sessions here with us.

IN CASE OF CHANGING SEA & WEATHER CONDITIONS Depending on changing tides in different seasons and also on weather conditions we might need to change the program and schedule the confined water and open water sessions at different times to ensure the best possible conditions for our students.