I never did a course before but i have some experience. Can i start from the level 2 course?
If you never did a course before it is highly recommended that you start with the level 1 because there are things that you learn there that are vital for your progression and which will not be taught a second time on the next courses, such as proper breathing for freediving, breathing practice, how to use breathing for relaxation, and how to do a proper and safe breathe-up, plus safety and rescue from black out, proper finning and streamlining.
If you really think that you are beyond this level and want to skip the first level, we can take you in an evaluation day and decide only then if you can continue with the next course.
During the evaluation day we will assess your skills and see if you are ready to go on the next level course without any additional training, while at the same time you will get the chance to do 2 training sessions and refine your skills. The charge is the same as the daily training rate

I have done a course with AIDA/Apnea Academy/FII/PADI before, will i have to start from the beginning if i want to do SSI?

No, you dont need to start from the beginning. For most training agencies we have direct crossover, which means that you can go on the next step directly. For smaller and unrecognised training agencies, we require at least 1 evaluation day to check your level before.

Do I need to get a medical examination done before i can start freediving?

No, unless you do know that you have any medical conditions than can prevent you from Scuba diving or Freediving. Prior starting your courses with us you will sign a medical statement; if you have any “yes” next to the relevant medical conditions section, you will have to visit a doctor who will need to make an evaluation and decide if you can freedive. If you know that you have or have had a cardiovascular condition, previous ear and sinus injuries, serious body injuries (esp. spine) etc, it is better if you visit your doctor in your own country and come with a medical certificate (that states that you are fit for freediving). Unless you have any serious conditions, none of this will be necessary.

Do i need a visa to go to Zanzibar?

What is the best way to reach Zanzibar?

How do i get to Nungwi from the airport?

How do i get to Nungwi from the port (if i come by ferry from mainland)?

Where in Nungwi are you located?

What is your cancellation policy?

Even though each case will be considered individually, these are the general guidelines regarding our cancellation policy:


Early cancellations – 14 days before
Late cancellations – 14 to 4 day before
Last minute – 3 to 1 day before
No show

Early cancellations – no fee- 100% refund
Late cancellations – 30% charge
Last minute, no show – no refund

Packages: Combo / Training weeks & special events
Early cancellations – 100% refund (- student kits costs if already ordered)
Late cancellations – 20% charge (of full price) (- student kits costs if already ordered)
Last minute / No show – no refund

Courses: all courses (except instructor courses) booked at regular prices outside of scheduled packages

Early cancellations – full refund (- student kits costs if already ordered)
Late cancellations – full refund (- student kits costs if already ordered)
Last minute / no show – lose deposit (- student kits costs if already ordered)